Advancsd Control Systems Syllabus



Chi-Tsong Chen, Linear System Theory and Design. Oxford University Press, 1999, 3rd Edition



  1. Mathematical Description of Systems
  2. Linear Algebra (I)
  3. Linear Algebra (II)
  4. State Space Solution ans Realization
  5. Stability Analysis
  6. Controllability and Observability
  7. State Feedback and State Estimators



  • Quizes or midterm (20%)
  • Homework (10%)
  • Final  (70%)


Homework Policy

 The homework’s are not intended as tests, but as vehicles for learning, complemented by the homework solutions that we hand out, and by any discussions that you have about the problems. Moderate collaboration on homework with your classmates is permitted. Discussions with the TAs and instructor are encouraged. There is no harm in seeking minor assistance from others who are knowledgeable but not involved in the class, although we would much prefer that your discussions be with those in the class. 

We expect each of you to put in enough time alone to understand the specific difficulties and issues raised by each homework problem. We also expect that you will independently write up the actual solutions that you turn in, and not give us direct copies of a classmate's solutions!




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