Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Synchronization of fractional complex chaotic systems and its application in the secure communication            0000-00-00
2    Modelling of a special class of uncertain nonlinear systems in the form of uncetain piecewise affine systems    Ph.D    Eghbal, Najmeh    2009-06-13
3    a new IMM algorithm based on augmented kalman filter and its modification in presence of high maneuver    M.Sc.    Amirzadeh, Ahmadreza    2011-01-15
4    design of stabilizing controller by Q-optimization    M.Sc.    Ebrahimzadeh, Faezeh    2011-01-15
5    Stabilizing switching rule design for a class of switched nonlinear system    Ph.D    Sokhanvar, Khatereh    2011-01-19
6    Control of Wind turbine with Multiple Model Predictive Control and Adaptive Switching    M.Sc.    afsharian, salehe    2012-02-04
7    MOPSO based Operation Management of a Microgrid    M.Sc.    Bazmohammadi, Najmeh    2012-02-04
8    Maximum Power Point Tracking Based On Tip Speed Ratio Control And Estimation Of Wind Speed For Wind Turbine    M.Sc.    sabzevari, sanaz    2012-07-14
9    Solving a Class of Nonlinear Regulators by Model Predictive Controls    Ph.D    sajjadi, samaneh sadat    2013-01-25
10    Reinforcement Learning for Optimal Tracking Control of Linear Discrete-time Systems with Unknown Dynamics    M.Sc.    Kiumarsi Khomartash, Bahareh    2013-04-20
11    Structure Identification of a Neurofuzzy Network Using Reinforcement Learning    M.Sc.    Tavakkoli Heravi, Parisa    2013-05-04
12    Maximum Power Point Tracking of Photovoltaic Systems via Insolation Pattern Recognition    M.Sc.    RAMYAR, SAINA    2013-05-04
13    Maximum Power Point Tracking for photovoltaic system under partial shading conditions using estmitation of power-voltage curve    M.Sc.    afsari bagestani, saba    2013-06-15
14    leak detection and modeling in gas pipelines    M.Sc.    Kardan Barzoki, Mohsen    2013-06-15
15    Improving Validity Of Model For LTI System With PWM Input Signal And Autotuning Controller Implement    M.Sc.    GOLCHIN, MOHAMAD JAVAD    2013-10-05
16    Online solution of infinite horizon nonzero-sum differential games using reinforcement learning techniques    Ph.D    Yasini, Sholeh    2013-10-21
17    Optimization and management of demand response based on a social welfare maximization policy    M.Sc.    SABOUNCHI, MOEIN    2013-11-02
18    contingecy constraint unit commitment    M.Sc.    Bigdeli, Morteza    2013-11-02
19    Use Modal series and Volterra series to reduce computational complexity and increase the speed at EDMC    M.Sc.    Vaezi, Nima    2014-04-26
20    modeling of gas turbine V94.2    M.Sc.    Rabbany, Ali    2014-05-10
21    Extended Moda Kalman Filter for a special case on nonlinear systems    Ph.D    Mohammaddadi, Gholamreza    2014-08-17
22    State Estimation and Filtering in Stochastic Fractional Order Systems    Ph.D    Torabi, Seyyed Hamed    2015-01-29
23    stabilization of switched fractional order systems with uncertainty    Ph.D    Bidari, Gholamreza    2015-01-29
24    Identification of Switched Linear Systems with unknown Switching and Dynamics    Ph.D    Keshvari, Hadi    2015-01-30
25    Multi Agent Fuzzy Model-Based Predictive Control of Shared Autonomy Vehicle in Swarm Environment    M.Sc.    Moazzen, Maryam    2015-06-03
26    Evolving Fuzzy Neural Network Predictive Control    M.Sc.    negahban, masoud    2015-06-03
27    design,simulation and implementation of state feedback controller with observer base on pwa-fuzzy model for inverted pendulum    M.Sc.    mobaragosh, mostafa    2015-06-06
28    intersection traffic control with uncertainties based on mixed logical dynamical model and robust model predictive control    M.Sc.    pahnabi, amirhossein    2015-06-20
29    Model Predictive Control of 3-PSP Robot Based On Brain Emotional Learning Model    M.Sc.    Mirhajianmoghadam, Hengameh    2015-09-26
30    Multi-objective Optimization using Estimation of Distribution Algorithm based on Voronoi and Leader-based Locally Search    M.Sc.    mohagheghi, elham    2015-12-05
31    Aproximate solution of dynamic model ofHIV/AIDS trranmission from contaminated mother to child and its fuzzy model    M.Sc.    Raissosadati, Toktam    2016-01-16
32    Robust Impedance Control of a Single-Link Flexible Robot Interacting with the Unknown Environment    Ph.D    Fayazi, Ali    2016-01-20
33    Structure identification of CSTR model based on forward selection and artificial neural networks    M.Sc.    anabestani, arezoo    2016-06-25
34    Sub-Optimal Control of Uncertain Switched System with Linear Nominal Model    Ph.D    baluchzadeh, maryam    2016-07-11
35    Bearings-Only Target Tracking Using a High-Degree Cubature Kalman Filter    M.Sc.    Ahmadpour Kakhk, Mohammad Amin    2016-10-22
36    Training radial basis neural network using Mahalanobis norm With the aim of reducing the number of neurons    M.Sc.    fatehi, atefeh    2016-11-05
37    Self-healing evaluation of distribution network by using multi-agent systems and reinforcement learning    M.Sc.    mohammadi delooei, behnaz    2016-11-05
38    Design of Motion Cueing Algorithm Based on Fuzzy MPC    M.Sc.    saadatmand, hassan    2016-12-24
39    Higher Order Sliding Mode Control of Wind Turbines Blade Angle    M.Sc.    alfatlawi, Ali    2017-06-03
40    The Optimization of the Startup operating for an Ethane Recovery Unit    Ph.D    vahidi ferdowsi, maissam    2017-09-23
41    Tactical sensor management on a vessel based on threat evaluation for tracking targets    Ph.D    Kamelian, Saeed    2018-02-11
42    Impact Angle Control Guidance of Projectile    M.Sc.    rajabi, saeed    2018-05-19